Eliminate excessive play in your suspension All suspension components like strut mounts wear out over time and mileage often resulting in poor handling, poor alignment and/or a clunking sound over bad roads. Check for excessive play in bushings and replace as necessary.

Other Reference Codes

3051201498K0C, 30938629, 113508 V101916 B8 8K B8 8T, 113508755 8K0512149, 8K0512149B 8K0512149C, 38629 8K, 8T 8R 4G

Part Fitment

AUDIA42009-20171.8 TFSI
AUDIA42009-20172.0 TFSI Flex Fuel
AUDIA42009-20172.0 TFSI
AUDIA42009-20173.0 TFSI
AUDIA42009-20173.0 TFSI (S4)
AUDIA42009-20173.2 FSI
AUDIA42009-20174.2 FSI (RS4)
AUDIA42009-20172.0 TDI
AUDIA42009-20173.0 TDI
AUDIA52009-20172.0 TFSI
AUDIA52009-20173.0 TDI
AUDIA52009-20172.7 TDI
AUDIA52009-20172.0 TDI
AUDIA52009-20172.0 TDI
AUDIA52009-20174.2 FSI (RS5)
AUDIA52009-20174.2 FSI (RS5)
AUDIA52009-20173.2 FSI
AUDIQ52009-20163.2 FSI
AUDIQ52009-20162.0 TFSI
AUDIQ52009-20162.0 TDI
AUDIQ52009-20163.0 TDI
AUDIQ52009-20163.0 TFSI (SQ5)
AUDIA72012-20171.8 TFSI
AUDIA72012-20172.0 TFSI
AUDIA72012-20172.8 FSI
AUDIA72012-20173.0 TFSI
AUDIA72012-20174.0 TFSI (S7)
AUDIA72012-20174.0 TFSI (RS7 Performance)
AUDIA72012-20173.0 TDI

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