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About Us

Our business is Quality

Schutzz Autoparts are manufactured with the best high quality raw materials, each of our autoparts are tested to guarantee high performance and safety in our clients vehicles.

Our Company values are build on responsibility, trust and reliability. We have a strong committment with our customers, employees, vendors and society.


Our Parts

We produce everything you need for your suspension, engine, brakes electrical parts, etc.

We Offer a Wide Variety of Autoparts

We aim to offer a wide and complete range of autoparts. Our key production vision is wide range, high availability and customer satisfaction.


Schutzz Autoparts are the future of Automotive

Millions of cars drive everyday using our Schutzz Autoparts. Everyday more clients and workshops trust our brand quality, we use advanced engineering and latest technology to provide durability and performance in our products to mantain that trust.

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